Assistance in Opening Offshore Bank Accounts

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LGA & F Legal And Financial Consultants Inc has arrangements and contacts with leading banking institutions and can assist customers with the opening of corporate bank accounts in several jurisdictions worldwide.

All of the banks are based in politically and economically stable countries and exercise non-disclosure of banking information to outside tax authorities / other countries / third parties, subject to the relevant legislation at the time. On the proviso that LGA & F receives adequate due diligence and supporting transaction invoices we can provide professional directors as signatories to bank accounts. We select banks based upon the/their:

  • Political and economic stability of the country they're based in
  • Knowledge of offshore and international business
  • Compliance procedures
  • Global investment and business perspective
  • Privacy
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Credit ratings
  • Access to unique investment opportunities

We can tailor bank accounts to suit the needs of: High net worth individuals, Multi-national corporations, Small to medium sized corporations, Contractors, or Ex-pats. For more information please contact one of our specialists.

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