Banking Services

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LGA & F offers its clients introductions to leading banking institutions that offer accounts in all major currencies, credit and debit cards, investment products and online banking facilities. All of the banks are based in politically and economically stable countries and exercise non-disclosure of banking information to outside tax authorities / other countries / third parties, subject to the relevant legislation at the time. On the basis that LGA & F receives adequate due diligence and supporting transaction invoices we can provide professional directors as signatories to bank accounts.

Our banking facilities include:

  • Assistance with the opening and operation of bank accounts
  • Low activation fees
  • 24/7 Internet banking facilities (with selected banks only)
  • Cheque facilities and cashing services
  • MasterCard / Visa debit cards for easy access to funds from all locations
  • Coded password clearance for easy access of funds from all locations
  • Anonymity and privacy of account information - subject to current legislation at the time
  • Grade A registered banks with strict policies that protect your financial records