How to set-up an Offshore Company

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The first step to setting up an offshore company is to select the most appropriate jurisdiction for you business requirements. The main considerations include: tax, the selection of company types on offer, the location of your custom and the currency denomination of your revenue. We can guide you through this process, offering advice on all major jurisdictions and their constituent companies. We have also provided some important information online as well.

Once, you have decided on your jurisdiction and company type, the next step is to choose and purchase an 'off the shelf company'. This requires establishing your identity, passport, ID card, driving license, utility bill and bankers reference / professional reference.

Depending on the type of company and the jurisdiction of incorporation, your offshore company will require one or more of the following: professional director(s), shareholder(s), a secretary(ies). You may also be required to: prepare financial statements, audit them and / or make them available to the public. LGA & F can provide all these services to clients.

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