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When establishing a company, most jurisdictions require the appointment of one or more director(s) and/or secretaries and/or shareholder(s) by statute. We provide these officers to our partners, who in turn provide them to their clients. The prime advantage of this service is to place the “management and control” issue firmly outside a high tax jurisdiction. Additional benefits include anonymity of the ultimate owners, an important consideration when transacting business with competitors. LGA & F can also provide business representatives to act on behalf of clients requirements. In the case of trusts, LGA & F can provide trustees to manage and control settlements on behalf of beneficiaries. LGA & F Legal And Financial Consultants Inc can also provide professional administration for established trusts.

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Professional officers provided by LGA & F work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Instructions are only acted upon at the request of the customer and subject to the approval of the officer. Any request for information from third parties is immediately passed to our customer for further instructions.

When providing professional officers, LGA & F expects professional partners to work closely with LGA & F in minimizing the misuse of such services by the ultimate clients. Each project is undertaken following the completion of the necessary due diligence procedures.

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