LGA & F also offers its clients a broad range of administrative services, including notarization and apostilization, escrow and fiduciary services, drafting of commercial agreements, and translation services.

Signatures of our in-house officers can be notarized and apostilled within 48 hours of the request, where a country is not a signatory to the Hague Convention on Apostille, LGA & F can arrange for the signatures of our in-house officers to be legalized by the relevant Embassy or Consulate.

Using our vast library of standard documents, LGA & F can prepare company documents according to your requirements, including Board Minutes, Share Certificates, specific Powers of Attorney, nominee documents, Deeds of Trust, Stock Transfer Forms, Statutory Registers, and standard agreements plus much more legal documentation. We can also provide Translation of documents to/from English > Russian > Ukrainian > German > French > Dutch > Greek.

One of the main aims of LGA & F is to provide fast and efficient service. We understand the importance to our customers of returning documents promptly, duly executed, and completed as required.

Our staff is at your disposal to answer customer queries regarding documents and our other services. We also have immediate access to associated lawyers and accountants who can assist and advise on technical matters at short notice, where required by our customer and/or LGA & F. This gives LGA & F the ability to usually vet, process and return documents by regular mail the same day of receipt with no extra charge to the customer.


All of our in-house officers are experienced travelers and can provide a professional image to your client’s company. Subject to reasonable notice, our staff can travel worldwide to represent your client’s company in a professional, yet friendly manner. A daily rate plus reasonable expenses apply and are detailed in our Price Schedule.

Full service includes:

  • Preparation and filing of business license applications

  • Preparation, filing, and payment of license fees

  • Notary and apostille services

  • Escrow and fiduciary services

  • Translation services

  • Same day turnaround of documents

  • Attendance of meetings

  • Arranging legal and taxation advice and opinions

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LGA & F Consultants Inc was created in an effort to give a cutting-edge advantage to your business and empower you to better compete and dominate global markets.

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