Why Choose Offshore Services

Our end-clients have utilized and benefited from offshore services for many reasons, principally these are:

Protect and enhance existing assets – Depositing assets in low tax jurisdictions can benefit inpiduals, by protecting them from the erosion of income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

Reduce tax and therefore costs – Companies benefit by paying less corporation tax, thereby lowering costs and improving profit margins.

Maintain privacy and avoid bureaucracy – Banking privacy provides peace of mind when undertaking price sensitive deals. Bureaucracy is avoided, as low tax jurisdictions have less tax payments and less stringent regulatory requirements on companies. Most offshore banks also have a sophisticated product offering. Some offshore jurisdictions have customs and duty exemptions, minimizing bureaucracy.

Manage risk profile – If an inpidual or company makes frequent transactions abroad, offshore services can be utilized to provide exchange convertibility. It also allows access to foreign insurance / reinsurance and top-rated debt history jurisdictions.

Foreign investments – Emerging markets have presented some excellent investments with superior risk/return profiles, going offshore offers greater proximity to these markets.

Access to new markets – Companies may be attracted to some offshore markets that specialize as a hub for transportation, distribution and specialist manufacturing; others may be attracted by the opportunity to expand their trading boundaries or integrate up or down the supply chain.

Increased legal control over deposits or assets – Allows an inpidual to control exactly who the beneficiaries of cash or physical assets are, which otherwise might be contestable under domestic law. Going offshore can also grant the security of property rights.

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