Our Due Diligence Process

Posted in LGAF General Info About offshore Company Formation

In compliance with the laws and regulations governing the prevention of international money laundering, LGA & F implements strict risk control procedures and balances through due diligence of all clients with a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of business. LGA & F respects the confidentiality of its clients, but is committed to undertaking full and thorough due diligence of its clients' identities, residence and nature of their businesses. LGA & F also seeks to understand the rationale behind the establishment of corporate, trust or foundation structures and their modus operandi.

Where clients are represented by a professional intermediary, it is the responsibility of the professional intermediary to collect the relevant due diligence on the client. In these circumstances, the professional intermediary provides confirmation to LGA & F that they have collected the relevant due data and they assume liability for their clients.