Payroll Services

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LGA & F can assist contractors with their payroll requirements, providing robust payroll solutions that caters for the offshore and onshore requirements of the contractors working outside their country of domiciliation.

For more information please contact our Cyprus office.

Virtual Office Services

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LGA & F offers virtual office services to clients that wish to have a presence in a tax-free jurisdiction. These services include the use of a city business address, local telephone and fax numbers, answered by LGA & F staff, call transfer services, voicemail services, mail acceptance and forwarding and meeting room facilities. We can offer prestigious addresses in the UK, Cyprus, Ireland and Nevis, as well as other jurisdictions.

When using our mail forwarding service, all correspondence is forwarded to an address specified by the customer. Correspondence will be forwarded to our customers either daily, weekly or monthly by post, Express Mail or Courier, according to the customer's requirements.

Banking Services

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LGA & F offers its clients introductions to leading banking institutions that offer accounts in all major currencies, credit and debit cards, investment products and online banking facilities. All of the banks are based in politically and economically stable countries and exercise non-disclosure of banking information to outside tax authorities / other countries / third parties, subject to the relevant legislation at the time. On the basis that LGA & F receives adequate due diligence and supporting transaction invoices we can provide professional directors as signatories to bank accounts.

Accounting Services

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LGA & F offers clients back office support through full service administrative and accounting support. Through its partners, LGA & F offers management and statutory account preparation, financial reporting and consolidation and preparation for audit, to comply with statutory filing obligations. LGA & F can also offer VAT advice, financial forecasting and modeling, preparation of business plans, computation, preparation and filing of tax returns. All accounts are prepared by a qualified auditor.

Advisory Services

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LGA & F currently offers advisory services via partners on selection, establishment and maintenance of companies, corporate structures, foundations and trusts. Furthermore, our network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisers can provide further specific advice if required.

Administration Services

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LGA & F also offers its clients a broad range of administrative services, including notarization and apostilization, escrow and fiduciary services, drafting of commercial agreements and translation services.

Signatures of our in-house officers can be notarized and apostilled within 48 hours of request, where a country is not a signatory to the Hague Convention on Apostillia, LGA & F can arrange for the signatures of our in-house officers to be legalised by the relevant Embassy or Consulate.

Company, Trust, Foundation Formation

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When requested, LGA & F can provide a customized company incorporation service to its corporate and private clients, representing a core service of the brand. Based on client requirements, LGA & F can assist in identifying and incorporating companies in suitable jurisdictions and offers offshore company formation in major markets. LGA & F can also provide office facilities, registered local representatives and agents

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